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Orvis Pro waders

Posted on November 11 2019

Orvis Pro waders
The last month of the season I had the opportunity to try out the new Pro waders from Orvis. After attending an Orvis dealers' meeting in August I came away feeling very impressed by the confidence that the product development crew had in this new product. The day they arrived at the shop I headed out on an afternoon trip that I was squeezing in between guiding trips. Since I spent most of that afternoon in a canoe I didn't get to really try them out but was impressed with how comfortable they were while sitting. I used the new waders for the rest of the season and was very pleased with the comfort and fit. They were so comfortable that on a couple of occasions I left them on till I got home instead of the typical  "get me out of these things". I also found them more breathable than ones I have worn before. The Cordura outer skin seemed tough but still supple while walking and the legs fit well with no baggy feeling. The gravel guard fit well over my boots and the very important hand warmer pocket gave my hands a warm place to hang out when not needed. There are removable knee pads that I have removed for now but found very usable while spending time on my knees in the canoe. Only time (150-200 days on the water) will tell how tough they really are but from what I have seen so far I would have to give these waders high marks and a strong recommendation.

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  • Greg B.: February 25, 2022

    My Pro Boots fish every week during the Season.
    I will fish not 2 or 3 days but 5-6 days in different waters. I have enjoyed these boots for ankle and foot protection as well as their ability to keep me upright on slippery river bottoms. I use the posi-grip studs for extra insurance against falls. You don’t need studs most of the time but when you do? you really do.
    I have not had Boots like these before, they are good
    friends in hard fast water. The only upkeep for me is replacing the Boot Laces.
    Good Boot!

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