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Review of the Orvis Pro Wading Boot

Posted on November 05 2019

Review of the Orvis Pro Wading Boot

     I had the opportunity this fall to try the newly released Orvis Pro wading boots. For the last month of the season I wore them and critiqued them on our challenging and rocky rivers. What was different about this gear test was that these boots had rubber soles. As anyone who knows me will tell you, I have never trusted or recommended anything but felt soles when wading our area rivers. This was a big thing for me to to do but after an Orvis dealers' meeting during the summer I thought it was time to give these innovative new boots a try. What's innovative about them?  For one thing, Michelin (the tire company) makes the soles.
       I put them to the test on all the slippery rock places I have been guiding for the past 20 years. The result of my testing was near 100% satisfaction.  The only time that a little slip occurred was when only the toe made contact with the rocks. Once the full boot sole was applied I felt no slippage. A huge benefit of this boot doesn't happen in the water but on shore. I now feel safe on the woods trails where felt soles could be unsafe which is a big concern to us aging anglers. The boots went on and off easily, were lightweight, and remained comfortable throughout the whole day. The large pull strap on the rear of the boot was a help and the sole had great cushion and support. Thank you Orvis for the time and effort you put into creating quality gear for the fly fisherman.


  • Brett: November 06, 2019

    $229 the boots are on this e – store

  • Garron Heath : November 06, 2019

    What’s the cost?

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