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Frog Hair Leaders


Frog Hair Leaders

Supple Butt

• Extra supple butt section provides for tighter loops
• Superior knot strength
• Incredible toughness
• Built-in shock resistance

Our Patented Process Makes The Difference. 

“Molecular Alteration” is the fundamental basis of “Nanotechnology”, which is a technology used to develop higher strength structural materials. After Gamma Processing, the “Molecularly Altered” filaments have an unprecedented combination of flexibility, shock resistance, strength, abrasion resistance, and low memory compared to filaments of the same or similar material composition. The resulting leader and tippet is so unique, it’s patented. FROG HAIR provides the angler with more accurate casts, natural presentations and greater fish-fighting capability.

moneyBack_fh.pngConfidence when it counts

FROG HAIR is so confident that its fishing leaders and tippets are the best performing products available that we are backing this claim with a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Redemption is fulfilled by FROG HAIR.

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