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Sci-Fly Seine by River Oracle


To be a successful fly fisher you need to identify the bugs in and on the water you are fishing and match them with the flies in your box.  The bugs and the life stages that the fish are feeding on will not only change from day to day, but from hour to hour.  The River Oracle Sci-Fly Seine can be used with any standard fishing net, and is a simple tool that will give you a clear view at the food in the water and enable you to match it to the best fly in your fly box. 

How it works:

  1. Stretch the Sci-Fly Seine around the basket of your fishing net.   
  2. Gather the loose elastic band in one hand and grip it to the neck of the fishing net.
  3. Press the net and seine into the streambed.
  4. Stir and kick the streambed upstream of the seine.
  5. Examine your sample and match the hatch!

Serious anglers need serious tools, not over priced ones!

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