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Fishing Report - April 27 2017

There has not been much change here since last week but change is certainly in the air. The area lakes most likely will all be at ice out by this time next week  and this will begin the warm up in the rivers. Today the Magalloway  was at 37 degrees and I would assume that most other streams and rivers are about the same. The most effective flies for the Mag. are still small Pheasant tails and San Juan worms. The flows are still at low levels until the lakes are full. The area lakes seem to be almost full which I would say is ahead of  usual. I am feeling good about the amount of water we have so far this spring stored up for summer. As the water temps push towards the 40 degree mark we will start to see the smelt move up the brooks and streams. This event can make for some great streamer fishing if you can be at the right place at the right time. Black Ghost, Gray Ghost and other smelt patterns are the best way to start out so be ready anytime you are near the water in the next couple of weeks.


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