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Maine Fly Fishing Guide Wading Trips

Wading Trips

The Rangeley Region is blessed with an abundance of flowing water perfect for Brook Trout and Landlocked Salmon. The " big three" are the Kennebago , Magalloway, and Rapid rivers. These three rivers consume most of our attention. Other waters in the area are the Rangeley, Cupsuptic, and Dead Rivers.  Fly fishing on rivers starts as early as the first of April on the Magalloway River however that may be too early for a full day trip. The Rapid will start to fish as you get into the month of May. The Kennebago gets off to a slower start and isn't ready to fish till the end of May. Nymphs and streamers are the most successful methods in the spring. The fish begin their river life after ice out as they follow the spawning smelt up the mouths of the rivers. The next big feeding event is the sucker spawn beginning after the middle part of May. Hatches soon follow as the water warms. This is when the fun begins as the fishermen try to  "match the hatch " through the summer months. Wading our rivers on a guided trip can be rewarding and good exercise. Our guides can match you up with the level of wading that you are comfortable with to make sure you have a safe and rewarding outdoor adventure.

Maine Fly Fishing Guide Small Ponds

Small Ponds

There are dozens of small ponds in the Rangeley area, many of which are “fly fishing only”. These are fished from a stable canoe or kayak. Pond action begins in early spring just after ice out on those bodies of water that have smelt as a resident bait fish. The Brookies and Salmon will feed on these bait fish after ice out, offering the fishermen the first action of the season. As the water warms the mayflies take over as the main food source. Mostly Henricksons, March Browns, and Red Quills. This is a great time of the summer to be on the water. Caddis will follow as the mayflies fade away and become the dry fly main stay for the summer months. These bugs are copied most effectively with emergers and soft hackles. On many of our lakes and ponds there are good drake and hex hatches. These largest of our mayflies typically show up in the last week of June depending on the specific body of water. In the fall bright colored streamers and leech patterns work best. Small emergers fished just under the surface also work well in the end of the season.

Maine Fly Fishing Guide Drift Trips

Drift Trips

We offer drift boat trips on the Magalloway  and Kennebec rivers. These trips focus on trout during the spring and fall and Smallmouth Bass when the water temps warm up during the summer months. The  Kennebec is a big rivers that offer the opportunity to see lots of water in the course of the day. The diversity of waters and landscape on these large rivers create a memorable Maine experience. The Magalloway is a smaller river that offers a more intimate, close to the water experience. The Magalloway can be floated with a smaller raft that is often pulled up on a sandbar to spend more time at a particular cut bank. The  Kennebec river is  good for trout through the third week of June depending on the water temps while the Magalloway will hold Brook Trout and Salmon all the summer. Our guides have lots of experience in their boats and on these rivers. Their boats will take 1 or 2 fisherman and are roomy and comfortable for a full day on the river.

Small Stream Trips

The Rangeley Region is a great place to escape the crowds and explore the many smaller streams our backcountry offers. Brooks and streams of all sizes hold native brookies that come readily to a fly. Our fly fishing guides love to take fisherman into the back country to explore and share the quiet places. The typical streams we fish on these trips offer a diversity of water, sometimes fast riffles and other times long stretches of alternating cut banks. Part of the fun on these trips is never knowing what lies around the next bend. The best timing for our backcountry adventures is mid to late summer. As the water temps on the bigger rivers warm, the smaller streams and headwaters stay cooler. This cooler water means an abundance of healthy, active native brook trout. Most times all we fish for a fly are dry flies like Klinkhamer Emerger, Adams, and Purple Haze. The brookies in these smaller streams are generally no bigger than 10 inches and are best fished for with smaller weight, shorter rods. We encourage you to join us on a guided backcountry adventure.

Maine Fly Fishing Guide Small Streams

What Is A Guided Fly Fishing Trip All About?

     Is a guided fly fishing trip of interest to you? Many of our guided trip fisherman are regulars at hiring a guide. Just as many are first timers at using a fly fishing professional. Reasons for hiring a guide are varied.

1. Beginners are looking for instruction as a large part of their fly fishing trip experience. Also, they hope to learn skills such as reading the water to locate fish, what flies to use, and identifying aquatic insects.

2. The experienced fly fisherman is often just trying to save time by having the guide show them around the area in which they will be vacationing so they can spend more time fishing and less time exploring.

3. Safety is a factor to some fisherman. Older anglers might have plenty of experience but don't feel save venturing into the woods on their own. Every year we take out fisherman in their 80's to safely enjoy time on the water.

4. Some people hire a guide to experience an adventure in a place that they would never go on their own. Many of our "Small Stream Trips" take us into more remote areas of beauty and solitude - not to mention lots of willing brookies.


Beginner's Lessons

We love introducing people to the sport of fly fishing. Half days are usually preferred but full days are a great way to get the full flavor. We start with a lesson on dry land and then move to the water. Typically we will fish somewhere on the easy side where there is a good chance of catching your first fish on a fly. We can also rent you all the gear you need for your first day on the water.

Gear Rental

For the visiting angler who didn't bring his gear or the beginner who has not yet taken the gear plunge we can rent you the gear you need. At the shop we rent flyrods,waders and wading boots. Either full day or half day.


$425.00 / day for 1 or 2 people
$300.00 / half day for 1 or 2 people
Trips are limited to 1 or 2 anglers per guide, a third is possible under special circumstances

550.00 / day for 1 or 2 people

Magalloway trips run April 15  - June 15

What's included - Lunch and water, transportation

Deposit - There is a 50% deposit required to hold your guide trip date

Cancel / Refund policy - A full refund of the deposit will be given if the trip is cancelled at least 30 days before the date of the trip. If cancelled inside of 30 days a full refund will be made only if and when the day is re-booked.

How to book - You can book a fly fishing trip by calling the shop  at 207-864-5615 or e-mail at

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