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Beads and Eyes

Beads and coneheads are used to give extra weight to subsurface flies. Sometimes you need to get your fly down to where the fish are hanging out. Beads and coneheads come in two different types of metal: brass and tungsten. Tungsten is the heavier of the two metals. These weights also come in a variety of colors from the most common color gold to chartreuse and orange. We also carry slotted beads which are used on nymph jig hooks. We have a selection of specialty beads in different shapes, too. There are also glass beads that don't offer any added weight but the assortment of colors and sizes offer a touch of flash and translucence to nymphs.  For streamers, we have eyes that can be stuck on to the head of the fly for a realistic look. We also carry imitation Jungle Cock feathers if you want "an eye" like some of the classic streamers had.
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