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Free Shipping on most orders over $45.............. WELCOME TO OUR NEW WEBSITE
Free Shipping on most orders over $45.............. WELCOME TO OUR NEW WEBSITE

Rangeley Region Sports Shop

Since 1945 the Rangeley Region Sports Shop has been providing fishermen with guality gear and sound advise.

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2529 Main Street

Rangeley, Me.

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Blog posts - FLY OF THE MONTH

  • Chubby Chernobyl
    May 19, 2024

    Chubby Chernobyl

    This month's featured fly is the Chubby Chernobyl. The fly is a descendant of the famous Chernobyl Ant and is a western favorite. It was created by Chris Conaty of Oregon. It is a guide favorite for beginners because of...

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  • gartside soft hackle streamer fly
    April 12, 2024

    Gartside Soft Hackle Streamer

    This month's fly is the Gartside Soft Hackle Streamer. The soft hackle design was created by Jack Gartside of Massachusetts. He was a creator of innovative flies that are now common place in the fly boxes of anglers around the...

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  • Marster's Cat Toy
    March 10, 2024

    Marster's Cat Toy

    This month's fly is the Marsters' Cat Toy. This big streamer was created by Steve Marsters of Rangeley. It is a pattern that evolved over time as it was tested and tried in our area rivers. Steve ties it for...

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