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Dubbing is a fly tying material used to make bodies on flies. It is made of natural fur, synthetic fibers, or a combination of the two.  We offer dubbing products made by Wapsi, Hareline and Fly-tite, also a couple of specialty blends and locally sourced natural dubbings.  Dubbing made from furbearers that live in the water like muskrat have natural oils that help dry flies stay afloat the best.  Hare's dubbing works best for nymphs as it will absorb water and sink.  Synthetics like the Fly-tite brand also offer excellent flotation. Dubbing comes in an incredible array of colors. Over the years the blending of different colors has been used by tiers to find that perfect tone or shade to match the natural bugs.  Synthetic dubbing like Superfine can make the smallest bodies while a spikey hares mask will give a bulky, lifelike profile.
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