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At the Rangeley Region Sports Shop we carry a selection of fly rods to meet the needs of anglers of any level or any application from tightline nymphing to delicate dry flies presentation. We carry fly rods from Sage, Orvis, Douglas and Redington including affordable beginner packages which include rod, reel, backing, line, leader and case. 

In Maine flyfishing is defined as "casting and retrieving in a usual and ordinary manner". It all begins with a cast and so it all begins with a fly rod.  It started with bamboo, then fiberglass, and has now progressed to rods of graphite. While the high tech graphite rods make up the majority of the rods used by anglers both bamboo and fiberglass are still preferred by some. 

Flyrods are made with a variety of features and functions. Length and weight are the two most distinctive features. Another important feature is flex. Greater flex gives a softer and more sensitive feel when catching fish. A softer flex can also protect your tippet from breaking when used for bigger fish. Less flex in a fly rod  is called fast action. Fast action rods will pick up line quicker and create faster line speed and is more user friendly for beginners.

The Orvis Company makes a selection of flyrods for every experience and price level, most made in Vermont.  The also have a very popular beginner outfit called the Encounter Outfit.

The Sage flyrod company produces a full line of core rods and specialty rods all made in Washington state. Sage is known for their fast action rods and have a long history of producing long life, reliable fly rods. 

The Douglas flyrod company is a new arrival on the fly fishing scene but has rod designers that are old pros in the rod building business. Douglas rods offer a high quality and high tech rod at a lower price point than their competitors. Douglas rods are very light in hand and accurate. 

Redington  is a sister company of Sage and its rods are made overseas. We like that they offer a number of lower price point rods. These options are good for beginners or those looking for a spare rod without a big price tag.

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