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Feathers of all kinds are used in making flies and were some of the first fly tying materials that were used. You can use them in tying dries, nymphs or streamers. In making dry flies feathers are used to create the hackle that keeps the fly floating. These dry fly feathers are pulled off of capes which can be seen on our hackle collection page. Special feathers with stiff fibers are also used to create tails on classic Catskill style dry flies. Feathers have a great variety of uses when tying nymphs also.  Feather fibers are used in making webby tails, wing cases and complete peacock bodies like on the Prince nymph.  The very effective Pheasant Tail nymph is made entirely with feathers except for the wire rib. No type of fly is characterized by the feathers that create it than the streamer fly. Of course the Rangeley area is home of the feather wing streamer and the tiers who created them. Carrie Stevens, Herb Welch and many lesser known tiers spent their years in our area in the pursuit of that perfect smelt imitation. We sell many types of hackle feathers used for making the wings of streamers. Strung neck and rooster saddle feathers are a beginners feather for wing making. Wing feathers can also be picked right off the cape to get a matching pair. The favorite streamer capes are called Whiting American saddles and can be seen in our Hackle collection.
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