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Finding moose

The moose is the Maine State mammal, so you might want to try to see one while you are here.

The best place in the area to look for moose is on Route 16 East between Rangeley and Stratton. Closer to dusk is usually the time you will find the most, but BE CAREFUL! Moose are not wary of your vehicle at all (and their eyesight is poor). They can quickly, unexpectedly jump in front of your car. Although moose seem very gentle, they are a wild animal that needs to be respected. Keep your distance.

Other frequented areas are Route 16 west from Oquossoc to New Hampshire, Route 17 Oquossoc to Coos Canyon, Route 16/27 from Stratton to Carrabassett Valley, Route 27 Eustis to Chain of Ponds, and Route 142 between Phillips and Weld.

Moose facts:

Males, “bulls”, have antlers which they shed each winter. The antlers grow back every year and average 55 inches wide, but can be as much as 72 inches wide and weigh 90 pounds!

Moose eat 35 pounds of leaves, twigs, buds, and underwater aquatic plants. A female moose (“cow”) needs to eat more than 60 pounds a day when she is feeding her “calf”. Moose can store as much as 100 pounds of food in their stomach.

Sometimes a cow will have twins. A calf weighs about 30 pounds at birth and lives with its mother for 1 year. It will grow to an average of 836 pounds if it is female, 1106 if it is male.

Moose live an average of 7 or 8 years. They are good swimmers and fast runners. (They can break the speed limit in town!)

Moose hair is hollow to help it stay warm in winter and its hooves are wide to help it move in the snow



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