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It sometime amazes me how someone figured out how to use chicken feathers to float a fly on the water. We have come along ways since then. Fly tying hackle come in feathers used for dry fly hackles and also on wet flies and nymphs. The feathers on a dry fly hackle skin have stiff barbs that cause a fly to rest on the surface of the water. Hackles used for wet flies and nymphs are softer and have web which when folded back over the body of the fly makes the fly appear to have life.  We also carry a line of capes bred special for use in the tying of classic feather wing streamer from Whiting Farms called  American Hackle. We carry hackle from Whiting Farms, Collins Hackle Farm, and Ewing. We are glad to answer your questions about the use or selection of fly tying hackle.
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