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  • To Be or Not To Be......Guided

    Jan 19 2021

         I was in my mid forties when I first hired a guide. I was camping in Rocky Mountain National Park, just outside the town of Estes Pa...

  • Mahogany Duns and Grizzly

    Nov 13 2020

      I visited Yellowstone for the first time in July or August in 1989. I'm sure of the year because I know it was the year after Yellows...

  • The Orbeton

    Jun 11 2020

          My buddy Dennis and I planned on fishing up a two mile stretch of the Orbeton River, and then camp at the river's conflu...

  • West

    May 01 2020

           I pulled into West Yellowstone Montana around 3pm. I had left Western Maine four days earlier and it was a relief to be where I wa...

  • Working At The Shop(Part One)

    Apr 21 2020

      I walked into a fly shop for the first time about 60 years or so ago. It wasn't a fly shop so much, as a hardware store that had a pret...

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