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Free Shipping on orders over $45.............. WELCOME TO OUR NEW WEBSITE

Last Chance Rises

May fishing can be very different than the summertime.  Temperature changes during the course of the day can affect what is happening on the water. I remember many trips that started slow due to cold temps, only to finish strong with surprise hatches.  The key to fishing in May is to not give up and keep moving.  I remember one day being typically slow in the first half of the day.  As we stopped at the last spot of the day, we stood watching the water for signs of fish.  Quietly, one sip at a time, fish started rising to emerging mayflies.  This was very exciting as we had not seen sign of fish all day.  The feeding increased and many fish were landed before the feeding shut off as quickly as it began.  The day was made for my clients and so was another lasting memory made in the great outdoors.
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