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Free Shipping on most orders over $45.............. WELCOME TO OUR NEW WEBSITE

Fishing Report – July 24 2014

Last night's rain and cold front has changed the weather for the better. We received 1 to 2 inches of cold rain to help keep the fishing going for awhile. Before the storm the Kennebago was 72 degrees and this morning it was 62 degrees. The flow did not come up yet but at least the new water keeps the cold springs flowing. The Magalloway was at 59 – 60 degrees yesterday. I caught some nice fish yesterday on pink and black nymphs. The flow is daily changing from 300 to 600 c.f.s. and this could be having an effect on the fisherman's success. Small tan caddis and stoneflies are still the major insects on the river but there are also small black caddis and b.w.o.’s mixed in. These insects are appearing as spent bugs at the bridge and riffles. So if you see fish feeding but can not see what they are eating check the water carefully for clues. They are running rafting water on the Rapid this week end until noon each day. I would think that the water temps on the Rapid would still be fishable because the next couple of days and nights are expected to be cooler. The water temps in the headwaters and smaller streams should be cold and good for fishing as we go thru the week end. The drakes have slowed down but can still come and go on some of the bigger lakes like Kennebago and Rangeley. On the shop website I have made lists of suggested flies to use in the different season on the rivers. Go to the guiding tab and then area rivers. Have a good week on your favorite water and don’t forget the camera and bug dope.
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