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Fishing Report – August 7 2014

Good morning from God’s country this August morning. It has been a mixed bag this week weather wise with warm nights and a couple good rain events. The forecast is calling for cool nights for the end of the week and the water temps should come down to a more trout friendly range. The rain early this week left the rivers and streams in great shape for the beginning of August. Reports from the lakes are still talking of surface temps around 70 degrees and fish holding at 50 feet or deeper. The Kennebago this morning was 62 degrees and at June flow levels. There have been fish showing at Steep bank and the pools downriver of it. The flies of choice for these summer fish would be hornbergs and wulffs , adams, midges and emergers. Big white streamers are where I start when I need to go subsurface. The Magalloway is fishing good, flows have increased to 600 the last couple of days and will be high this week end for the rafters. Tan caddis and stoneflies remain the flies of choice there. Also c.d.c. caddis and emergers and cripples for caddis and b.w.o.’s. I expect the upper Mag. is to warm for any action there. No reports this week from the Rapid but I would think it would still be fishing well below middle dam. The smaller streams will be at a good level right now and cooler than the bigger water. If you want to see some small but colorful brookies get out the map and do some exploring.
till next week
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