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Fishing Report - May 23 2019

Fishing Report - May 23 2019



    Fishing remains slower than normal although daily temps are warming. We had 1 3/4 inches of rain on Monday which brought up all the moving water once again. At the present time most rivers are still high with the Rapid being too high to fish and the Magalloway on the edge. Water temps in many place have moving up nicely into the comfort zone for the fish and it is just a matter of days until things change for the better. However, any rain over 1/2 inch could blow things out again. If the moving waters options are few this week end I would suggest fishing ponds and coves that will warm quicker. Fish with sinking lines and smelt patterns.  Yesterday after a day answering questions at the shop I sneaked away to explore a little. I took a short hike through bushes and puddles to fish an inlet where a stream emptied into a pond.  For an hour I swung streamers and imagined the tug that would come to the end of the line. For that hour I felt like I could of been in remote Maine or even Alaska although I was only a couple hundred yards from the main road. Isn't that what it is all about? Hope you find what you are looking for this week end. By the way, the black flies have arrived.

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Jim Stenson - May 30, 2019

My old stomping grounds:-))

Sonny Pierce - May 30, 2019

Thanks Brett. Good info. I’ll be up
All weekend. Probably fishing Rangeley Lk most of the time.

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