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Free Shipping on most orders over $45.............. WELCOME TO OUR NEW WEBSITE
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Fishing Report - April 16 2020


Greetings and welcome to my first fishing report of the season. Well, there is not much to report. The Magalloway and Rapid usually have fish to catch this early. I have not caught anything yet and have been out to the Mag. three times. The water temp at the Mag. today was 36 degrees, clear and low. Below the Bennett bridge is the only stretch of the river to hold fish this early. Check my reports from previous years for fly suggestions. Last year I caught almost all my April trout on the pink sparkle worm. As the water and earth warm up the outlook for catching will improve. It is exciting to think about the coming of a new season on the water. Make sure you take advantage of the extra time you might have due to the current situation to explore new water, walk in the woods, and enjoy the changing weather.


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