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Rangeley Region Fishing Report - May 6 2021

Posted on May 06 2021

magalloway river in rangeley maine

     The big news is that we have received almost 2 inches of rain in the last week.  The lakes are slowly filling up and the rivers are at good levels. Fish are being caught at the usual early May locations. Suckers are on the move to spawn in the usual places and fisherman are showing up in these places also. Water temps are in the 42-44 degree range and the cold nights forecasted for the next week  should keep them in that range. I did see some B.W.O.'s and caddis hatching on the Magalloway on Tuesday where the water temp was above 45 degrees. The Kennebago and Rangeley rivers could see some activity next as flows drop. Nymphing is the way to fish. Worms and eggs, small mayfly patterns and midges. It never hurts to try smelt patterns as the fish have been feeding on these baitfish as they are spawning in the moving water. 


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