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Free Shipping on orders over $45.............. WELCOME TO OUR NEW WEBSITE
Orange Hornberg - Rangeley Region Sports Shop

Orange Hornberg


This month's fly is not new, just an old favorite in another color. Every year fisherman come into the shop looking for orange hornbergs. In the past I have had no interest in stocking another color of this favorite fly. I knew that finding a good supply of this color mallard flank feather could prove to be a challenge. I do however have enough of these feathers in yellow to last a life time so I asked Sue if she thought we could somehow dye them to come up with an orange color.  I knew she couldn't refuse a challenge and with a dash of red and yellow we soon had a batch of beautiful orange feathers. 

Hook - 2 or 3x long dry fly
Thread - black
Body - silver Mylar tinsel
Underwing - yellow calf tail
Wing - mallard dyed orange
Hackle - brown and grizzly

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