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Parachute Mr. Rapidan

Posted on December 06 2020

Parachute Mr. Rapidan - Rangeley Region Sports Shop


This month's fly is the Parachute Mr. Rapidan. This is a parachute version of the dry fly created by Harry Murray from Murray's fly shop in Virginia. It is a great mayfly pattern for Hendricksons and March Browns in the spring. It is a great imitation for drakes in the summer in the larger sizes. The variegated colors of the dubbing used for the body is very realistic and water proof. The low profile look of a parachute style fly makes an impression in the surface film that can trigger fish to eat it.

Hook - dry fly size 8-16
Thread - Brown, 17/0 trico thread on wingpost
Tail - Moose body hair
Dubbing - Fly-rite # 34
Wing post - Yellow Mcflylon
Hackle - Grizzly and brown


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