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Making clean fly heads

Posted on March 07 2019

Making clean fly heads


I want to talk about leaving a fly with a clean head. The fly head is a part of the fly that draws a lot of attention and often judges the tier of his skill. The biggest thing that can add to the size of the head is using smaller thread. I will use 8/0 thread down to size 10 and then switch to 12/0 or 16/0 for smaller flies. Removal of trapped fibers is a crucial part of making the head look good. The last thing you should use is your scissors to get rid of those pesky blemishes. By using a pair of tweezers you usually can remove them and they will break off flush with the thread. Another method for trapped synthetic fibers is with the use of a lighter or cauterizer. You need to be careful not to burn anything though. Just move the heat source slowly toward the eye until the fibers disappear.


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