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bucktail flies from amaine fly shop

Kennebago Trout Streamline Bucktails


     Streamer flies have come a long way in the last 70 years. The simple Bucktail streamer tied with varying portions of hair from a deer tail were some of the first flies tied for fly fishing. The material was easy to come by and easy to work with. The photo shows two simple flies, the Black and White and Brown and White tied very sparsely. The Red and White above is tied much more full like most standard bucktails tied today.  In the 1947 edition of the Fletcher's Fly Shop catalog these sparsely tied streamers were described in the following way. " Anglers who use them find that when standard streamers and bucktails won't produce action, these sparsely dressed bucktails will, especially in calm, low, or very clear water." Fall fishing is just around the corner.  Why not tie up a few and give them a try?

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