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Orvis Flyrods

The Orvis company has been making fly rods since 1856 in southern Vermont. The first rods were made of bamboo which they still offer for sale. A dedication to perfection still drive everything they do when it comes to fly rod design. The advances in rod construction gained when developing the most recent Helios rods has "trickled" down into the design of all the rods they offer. They offer three core fly rods  but also some specialty models for nymphing and dry fly fishing.

Orvis Warranty

Orvis offers a 25 year warranty and if they can't fix it they will replace it. This is a no fault guaranty. The charge is $60.

Orvis also offers a section replacement program on Helios 3 and new Clearwater rods. They will have a new section in your hands within 5 business days.

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