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At the Rangeley Region Sports Shop we carry a variety of fly reels to fit any angler's need need and price range.  When we all get started in the sport of fly fishing we are told that a fly reel is simply a place to hold your line. While this is true as it's basic function, we learn that there can be more to it as we grow in the sport. 

There a couple of things to  consider when buying a fly reel, these include weight, the type of drag, arbor size and whether the metal is cast or machined. The weight of the reel should match the rod it will be used on. The type of drag will be either disc or the old fashion click and pawl. A click and pawl drag is all you typically need when getting started or fishing for smaller fish while a disc drag is a necessity when fighting larger fish. The arbor size will be either small which is the original size or wide arbor which is on most modern reels at this time. A wide arbor reel is more popular simply because it picks up line faster then the old style small arbor. A reel made with cast metal is less expensive to make and buy while a machined reel is stronger and nicer to look at. 

We carry fly reels made by Sage, Orvis, Ross, Redington and Echo. You can read more about the different brands by visiting there pages or clicking the links above.


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