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Free Shipping on most orders over $45.............. WELCOME TO OUR NEW WEBSITE

Drift Trips

We offer drift boat trips on the Magalloway  and Kennebec rivers. These trips focus on trout during the spring and fall and Smallmouth Bass when the water temps warm up during the summer months. The  Kennebec is a big river that offers the opportunity to see lots of water in the course of the day. The diversity of waters and landscape on these large rivers create a memorable Maine experience.

The Magalloway is a smaller river that offers a more intimate, close to the water experience. The Magalloway can be floated with a smaller raft that is often pulled up on a sandbar to spend more time at a particular cut bank. The  Kennebec river is  good for trout through the second week of June depending on the water temps while the Magalloway will hold Brook Trout and Salmon all the summer. Our guides have lots of experience in their boats and on these rivers. Their boats will take 1 or 2 fisherman and are roomy and comfortable for a full day on the river.

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