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Free Shipping on most orders over $45.............. WELCOME TO OUR NEW WEBSITE

Fly tying Supplies


At the Rangeley Region Sports Shop we carry just about any type of fly tying tool or material you would need, from vises to thread and everything in between. We carry tying vises from Regal, Renzetti, and DynaKing. Most of our fly tying materials come from suppliers like Wapsi, Hareline, and Nature's Spirit. We sell hackles from Whiting Farms and Collins Hackle Farm. We also have high quality deer hair and dubbing which is locally sourced right here in our neck of the woods.

Sometimes when I am wrapping a hackle I wonder how someone thought of the idea of using a chicken's feather to float a dry fly. Or take fur from a muskrat and dub it to thread to make a fly body. Since those early days change has come fast to the world of fly tying and fly tying materials. We have moved way beyond using naturally obtained materials into the ever growing world of synthetics. Birds have been bred over the last 100 years to get feathers that are perfect for floating the modern dry flies. You can choose beads of an endless array of colors and sizes along with hooks for every application you can think of. The color choices in body dubbing and materials used to make the dubbing can make up a whole catalog by themselves. Flash is a huge category in fly tying materials with many different color combinations and degrees of crinkle to make light do crazy things. Thread has become thinner and stronger. I think the improvement in thread is the most important advancement we have seen in fly tying materials. Getting a small fly head has been one of the greatest challenges for a tier and the finer, yet stronger threads have helped in this area. The pages of our fly tying materials are not to be rushed through we hope you take your time and enjoy.

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