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Magalloway River

     The Magalloway begins in the Boundary Mountains on the Quebec border and flows into Umbagog Lake, forming the headwaters of the Androscoggin River. The Upper Magalloway, above Aziscohos Lake, is undammed and wild, and home for large brookies and landlocked salmon. It is best fished in the spring and fall when water temps are lower. The two mile section of the Magalloway that flows between Parmachene and Aziscohos Lakes is a stretch of riffles without much fish holding ability and most people don’t go any further than the Camp Ten Bridge Pool to wet a line.The pool and short stretch of river below #10 bridge is large enough to hold a good crowd of fisherman and has a lot of fishable water.
     The lower section, below Aziscohos Dam is a classic tailwater with cold water temps. The cool water extends the season through the hot summer months. It features fast pocket water and riffles with only a couple real pools. This section is a nymph fisherman’s dream and holds many larger brook trout and landlocks.The section of river from the dam to the Rte 16 bridge is the easiest to get to and the most heavily fished. This stretch of river is a made up of fast runs and pocket water and some places churning whitewater. This section of river is full of native brook trout and landlocked salmon that thrive in the cold,oxygen rich water. There is a lot of food available to the fish in this environment and they grow fat and abundant. As the river flows south it slows and widens and becomes long stretches of riffles and cut banks. It flows through meadows and deepens as it passes under the covered bridge.

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