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Free Shipping on most orders over $45.............. WELCOME TO OUR NEW WEBSITE

Small Pond Trips

There are dozens of small ponds in the Rangeley area, many of which are “fly fishing only”. These are fished from a stable canoe or kayak. Pond action begins in early spring just after ice out on those bodies of water that have smelt as a resident bait fish. The Brookies and Salmon will feed on these bait fish after ice out, offering the fishermen the first action of the season. As the water warms the mayflies take over as the main food source. Mostly Henricksons, March Browns, and Red Quills. This is a great time of the summer to be on the water. Caddis will follow as the mayflies fade away and become the dry fly main stay for the summer months. These bugs are copied most effectively with emergers and soft hackles. On many of our lakes and ponds there are good drake and hex hatches. These largest of our mayflies typically show up in the last week of June depending on the specific body of water. In the fall bright colored streamers and leech patterns work best. Small emergers fished just under the surface also work well in the end of the season.

Suggested Pond flies:
SpringKinkhamer Emerger
Olive Deer Hair Caddis       
Flying Ant
Black Ghost
Kennebago Smelt
SummerKlinkhamer Emerger
Drake Wullf
Drake parachute
Kennebago Muddler
Kennebago Wullf
Maple Syrup
FallWooly Bugger
Soft Hackle Emergers

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