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Airflo Premium Nylon Tippet


Airflo premium quality Copolymer Tippet exhibits suppleness, yet has incredible knot strength and a tensile strength like no other.  These spools have 50 meter of tippet (that's 54.7 yards!)
3x - 7.1 lb. - 0.200mm
4x - 6.9 lb. - 0.185mm
5x - 4.6 lb. - 1.148mm
6x - 3.3 lb. - 1.128mm
The spools are recycled material and the tippet band uniquely colored for each size.

In the smaller sizes it performs admirably following micro seams and currents to help reduce tell tale drag on the most delicate of presentations. Whilst in the larger diameters it exhibits the toughness of a street fighter capable of going many rounds without breaking down.  Made in Japan

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