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Wapsi Fly Head Cement - new formula green label


One ounce bottle, all-purpose head cement. 

Developed and produced exclusively for Wapsi, this lacquer-based head cement has been a favorite among fly tyers for years. It dries quickly and penetrates deep with minimal build up.

Fly tyers who like a nice, tight head on their flies often choose this cement for its minimal build up. This is particularly an asset to fly tyers who tie small trout flies.

The thickness of the cement can be thickened easily by simply leaving the top off the jar for a short period of time or thinned by adding a small amount of Wapsi Fly Head Cement Thinner. Like all cements that harden by evaporation eventually the cement will start to thicken in the jar as a result of repeated opening and closing of the bottle. When this happens simply add some thinner to bring it back to the desired consistency. This can be done time and time again and as a result this cement can last a very long time on your fly tying bench.  

NOTE:  It is important to match the thinner to the cement.  Mixing brands can result in discolored, unusable cement.  Wapsi Thin All is the correct thinner to use with this product.

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