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Free Shipping on most orders over $45.............. WELCOME TO OUR NEW WEBSITE

Douglas Upstream Plus

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 The Douglas Upstream PLUS series has more power than the Douglas Upstream ultra-light line. It provides a fisherman with a secure up-locking reel seat for fighting bigger fish. Most importantly, it has a little faster action, making the Upstream PLUS an excellent choice for anglers who want enough muscle to land the trophy fish of a lifetime while yet having the finesse to handle the tippet and flies required in challenging conditions.

The Upstream PLUS is a one-of-a-kind fishing rod. It's the perfect size and has exactly the proper amount of flex. If you need to safeguard light tippets, cast the entire line or short distances, if you're fishing for skittish trout and need delicacy, or if you need precise casts between 20 and 70 feet, these rods can handle it. Casting with the Upstream PLUS rods is a dream come true. The time and effort spent battling your rods to accomplish the perfect cast is no longer necessary.


  • Progressive actions for refined performance in all trout fishing environments
  • It was created to be the ideal presentation rod, with unrivaled grace and feel. 
  • With the benefits of the most contemporary nano- resins and components, this design has a vintage look and feel. 
  • Tonkin bamboo in a natural color with a matte finish and clear wraps to fit in with the surroundings. 
  • Traditional spigot ferrules provide unmatched sensitivity and precision. 
  • These rods are very beautiful to cast and fish with. 
  • Lifetime Warranty on all Douglas Fly Rods

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