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Dr. Slick Necklace/Lanyard


Growing in popularity by the season, these items appeal to the minimalist in all of us. Salt flats fisherman have known their advantages for years, and now many anglers recognize the benefits of dumping the vest. Very popular in the rapidly growing paddle sport market where necklaces are the ticket if you fish from a kayak, paddleboard, canoe, pontoon boat or float tube. If you’re tired of carrying 10 lbs of gear in your vest or bag, try a necklace and revel  in the freedom. 

Comes with Tippet Spool Caddy, RPD Retractor, FH Floatant Holder, a Waterproof Fly Box, a floatant holder and assorted other clips for gear of your choice.  Foam cushions your neck for all day comfort.

The FULLY LOADED version also has Dr. Slick Standard Clamps, Bug Jelly floatant, a hook file, and offset nippers with file

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