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Free Shipping on most orders over $45.............. WELCOME TO OUR NEW WEBSITE

Echo Flying Disc

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Why not have some fun while you practice your casting? 
These game instructions are from an Echo blog post.
Take the challenge! Grab your fly rod outfit complete with a floating line, 9 foot leader, and yarn fly. If you are competing against someone, make sure that are using the same size outfit and get ready for a casting challenge.

After deciding who will cast first, the ECHO Flying Disc will be thrown by the person who will cast second.  The “thrower” can toss the disc in the direction and distance they choose. After the disc has landed the “thrower” watches as the other person casts towards the target and allows their fly to land. The “thrower” then casts towards the target. Both players then walk to their fly and strip their line in ready to recast towards the target. They must keep one foot on the spot where their fly landed and then cast from there toward the disc. In the case of a short disc throw in might take only one cast to have your fly hit the target. If the disc is thrown very far it might take many casts to reach the target.

Like disc golf and regular golf, each person in Fly Golf keeps track of how many casts it takes to “hit the disc”. This is their score for that target. The goal is to hit each target with the fewest casts. When a fly lands close enough to the target and a person can reach out and touch the target with their rod tip they do not have to actually try to make a silly short cast, tapping the disc with the rod tip is enough. For example: If the “thrower” tosses the disc 100 feet and then makes a cast of 70 feet. After walking to their fly they place one foot on the spot of the fly they then cast the remaining distance but miss the target by 5 feet. They then walk to their fly and touch the disc with their rod tip. Their score on that target was 3 casts.

The person who won the previous hole with the fewest casts sacrifices the toss to the other person but then after the toss the “winner” must cast first. This is repeated for 9 targets and the person with the overall lowest number of casts is the winner of that round.

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