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Fly Fishing Maine: Local Experts on the State's Best Waters by Bob Mallard


Maine is a popular destination for anglers seeking trout, landlocked salmon, striped bass, and a host of other game fish.  It has the most diverse fly-fishing opportunities in New England. In this guide, Bob Mallard and a long list of contributors give information on the state's best fly-fishing rivers and streams, ponds and lakes, and salt water.  Also included is extensive information on backcountry ponds and other out of-the-way places. In addition to the top fishing destinations, author Bob Mallard covers a lot of fascinating Maine angling history and includes chapters on the fish species and conservation. With contributions by Maine writers including Emily Bastian, William Clunie, Will Lund, Bill Sheldon, George Smith, Ted Williams, V. Paul Reynolds, and Brett Damm, this book is sure to be a valuable resource for resident and visitor alike.  

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