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Gloss Coat Head Cement or Thinner - old formula


We use this cement on our Streamers. It is Tough and gives a good shine to the head.

Gloss Coat is a fast drying, acrylic resin-based head cement that produces a durable, high gloss finish with just one application. Having a medium thickness it is excellent for building up heads on flies and as a cosmetic overcoat for painted popper bodies, jig heads, etc.

As the name implies what sets Gloss Coat apart from all other cements is the incredibly shiny finish it produces. Other cements require multiple applications to approach the finish you get with just one application of Gloss Coat.

Unfortunately, this item requires special, higher shipping rates and therefore we must charge $7 shipping on this item

NOTE:  When thinning this product, use only Wapsi Gloss Coat Head Cement Thinner.  Use of a different product may make the cement discolored and unusable.

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