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High N Dry Fly Line Dressing


A new product for the fall of 2023!

The new High N Dry Fly Line Dressing improves and restores the slickness of new or used fly lines. It also reduces friction and improves glide through any sized guide with ease and provides the flyfisher with a much more accurate cast. Of course, since it’s a High N Dry product, it is 100% environmentally friendly and contains no harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). It is also specifically designed to be used streamside as needed and is not affected by temperature extremes. It comes in a 1oz. bottle, with 30 grams of product.

  • the only 100% environmentally friendly - VOC free - fly line dressing on the market

• it can be applied at streamside as needed and doesn’t need drying time

• Apply smoothly and evenly with fingers or soft cloth and reapply as needed

• Decreases friction when stripping line. Great for streamer fishing!

Directions: Apply a thin film of dressing to new or used fly lines using fingers or soft cloth. Pull line through dressing until slickness is improved.

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