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Legends Collection

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A collection of nine streamers that were originated in the Rangeley area or a favorite of a local legend.  THE BOX MAY VARY FROM THE ONE IN THE PICTURE.

Grey Ghost - Created by Carrie Stevens of Upper Dam

Black Ghost - Created by Herb Welch of Oquossoc, the creator of the streamer type of fly in 1901.

Kennebago Smelt - Created by Bud Wilcox of Rangeley.  Great for fishing the smelt run in the spring.

Tri-Color - Created by Bud Wilcox in 1948.  Bud used it for 20 years before it became well known to the public.  Great crayfish colors.

Frost's Blue Smelt - Created by Dick Frost,a well known Rangeley fly tier, rod builder, and former owner of the Rangeley Region Sport Shop.

Pink Lady - Created by Carrie Stevens. The last fly Carrie tied at her retirement was a pink lady.

Colonel Bates - Another Carrie Stevens pattern.  Named after Joseph Bates who was a frequent visitor to Upper Dam pool.  The fly was originally called the Captain Bates but was promoted to Colonel by request of Mr. Bates.

Parmachenee Belle - Created by Henry Wells, a frequent visitor to Parmachenee Lake in the late 1800's. It is thought that the colors were meant to copy the colors of the belly fin of the brook trout.

Mickey Finn - This pattern was not created in the Rangeley area but was the favorite streamer of Skeet  Davenport, a local guide and outdoorsman.

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