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Free Shipping on orders over $45.............. WELCOME TO OUR NEW WEBSITE

Sage Foundation

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Sage Foundation

The Foundation, Sage's entry-level rod series, is a quietly practical rod focused on the fundamentals of fly fishing. The Foundation provides all fishermen with economical high-performance, outstanding castability, and a welcoming smoothness. The Sage Foundation is one of the greatest rods to take with you on freshwater adventures if you're on a budget.

Graphite IIIe Technology - Sage's Graphite IIIe Technology shapes extraordinarily robust rods. Glass scrims are sandwiched between layers of graphite to form a lightweight design with a taper. Casting smoothness and connectivity are also improved with graphite IIIe, helping anglers to make longer, more precise casts. Graphite IIIe is responsible for the Foundation's silky feel and long-distance capabilities.
Ceramic Stripping Guides
Ceramic stripping guides produce a practical and attractive rod. Ceramic guides deliver industry-standard performance and long-term dependability.
Hard Chromed Snake Guides
Snake guides are also time-proven and industry-accepted. The snake guides on the Foundation provide minimal resistance to allow lines to move through the rod effortlessly.
Reel Seat
Uplocking w/Black Anodized Aluminum - The reel seat is made of black anodized aluminum, which matches the Foundation's blank color and reduces weathering and wear. Freshwater reels are held in position by a single uplocking component. Overall, the Foundation's reel seat is quiet and effective.
Nylon Black Rod Tube 
The Foundation includes a nylon black rod tube to preserve and store the rod while not in use. Nylon is a great mid-priced aluminum substitute.
Sage Lifetime Warranty

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