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Free Shipping on most orders over $45.............. WELCOME TO OUR NEW WEBSITE

Sage Sense

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The SENSE is the ideal tool for those trying to get the most out of their tight line methods. It is made exclusively for European Style Nymphing anglers and features a rod that blends Euro Nymphing specialized action, improved components, and subtle styling.
The SENSE is equipped with a Generation 5 Technology blank, which increases its efficacy in handling precise nymph setups and safeguarding fine tippets. This gives it greater control over these lighter fishing components than normal fast action / multi-application rods.
Once activated, the tip deflects shock and prevents "bounce" that may otherwise cause such delicate tippets to break.The anglers' ability to fight and control fish with quick hooksets and little recoil, keep the line taut throughout the entire fight, and have enough backbone to muscle the mightiest of trout to the net is made possible by the stout butt section that develops as the soft tip gives way further down the blank.
The SENSE includes components and cosmetics that are adjusted to the application in addition to the custom created blank.
Single foot guides enable a lighter, more sensitive package, while a stripper guide in the ideal location keeps line closer to the hand and blank, reducing unneeded snagging and enhancing control.
Matte black down-locking reel seats provide uniform balance while moving the weight of the reel further to the back.
Furthermore, "Stealth Grey" blank color and tone cosmetics add more low glare camouflage. 

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