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Free Shipping on most orders over $45.............. WELCOME TO OUR NEW WEBSITE

Sage Trout LL

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The Trout LL series was created with the trout angler and dry flies in mind, having a delicate touch and medium action. The Trout LL is ideal for wade fishing, tighter casts, small flies, and light tippets thanks to its blank taper optimization and tailored length choices. A supple tip maximizes light tippet protection before transitioning to a smooth, easy-loading mid-section that improves feel and feedback throughout the casting stroke. The Trout LL is an angler's best friend when the hatch is on.
The Trout LL is a tribute to tradition with a classic design and smooth casting taper, but it incorporates modern performance qualities in accuracy and loop control thanks to the Konnetic HD blank material's backbone. Beautiful wood inserts and premium components add an elegant touch to the Trout LL series, which is available in a combination of classic dry fly line weights and lengths ranging from 7'9" to 9'0", while beautiful wood inserts and premium components add an elegant touch to these high performance rods.


Sage's KonneticHD technology has dramatically revolutionized graphite technology. Sage has produced a greater density fiber composite that is lighter, stronger, and more adaptable on the water by rearranging the graphite-to-resin ratio used in rod blanks. The TROUT LL offers incredible energy transfer characteristics, perfected rod stiffness, and element-defying durability thanks to KonneticHD. So, what does it all mean?
Better accuracy, tighter loops, and a smoother casting stroke.

Fuji Ceramic Stripping Guides

As high-performance fly fishing guides, Fuji ceramic guides have endured the test of time.
Ceramic guides are long-lasting and allow for effortless line shooting.

Snake Guides

Ultra-Light Hard Chromed - Snake guides reduce overall rod weight and give Trout LL with industry-accepted functionality.
The rod's excellent line management and easy line speeds are also aided by snake guides.

Reel Seat

A walnut wood reel seat insert with bronze up-locking components, as well as a super plus, snub-nose, half-wells cork handle, contribute to the rod's outstanding fit and finish.
This reel seat is a work of art that is both beautiful and well-made.

Rod Tube

The Trout LL comes in a Brown powder-coated aluminum rod tube with an easily recognized Sage medallion.
The metal rod tube protects the Trout LL during transportation and time away from the water.


  • 379-4: Small caddis and attractors
  • 389-4: Tricos and small mayflies
  • 486-4: Small to medium sized mayflies and caddis
  • 490-4: Small to medium sized mayflies and caddis
  • 586-4: Medium sized caddis and terrestrials
  • 590-4: Medium sized mayflies, caddis, and terrestrials
  • 690-4: Larger stoneflies and terrestrials

Sage Lifetime Warranty

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