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The Sage of Dibbin Creek: A Struggling Boy Finds Friendship, Insight, and Life Lessons Through Fly Fishing

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By Dee Dauphinee

In 1975, Sam Candage, a fatherless twelve-year-old boy with learning challenges, strains to learn to read and write. Alone, he finds solace in nature, fishing and exploring his favorite creek. Sam finds himself falling behind in school until he meets a wise and kind man who, through the sport of fly fishing, teaches him about biology, stewardship, and the true meaning of friendship. When the mentor teaches Sam how to read, the boy’s life is changed forever.

"Dibbin Creek is a touching, compassionate chronicle that reminds us of the value of mentorship in our lives.  It is destined to be a classic in understanding the healing qualities of flyfishing and the outdoors.  A incredible story." - Jack Dennis, Guide, television host and creator of the Jackson Hole One Fly Tournament

"The young need love and wisdom from the old, who need the strength, curiosity, and love of the young. In Dibbin Creek, the wonderment of fly fishing brings both together, overcoming challenges in this heartfelt 'gifts on every page' read." Randall Kaufmann - fly tier and originator

"In my 25 years teaching middle and high school students with dyslexia, finding novels that emotionally engage students has been a challenge.  The Sage of Dibbin Creek is a warm, rich story that will grab and hold the students' attention from beginning to end." Carin M. Illig, Clinical Directro, Children's Dyslexia Centers, Inc.

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