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Fishing Report - April 7 2017

Greetings and welcome to another fishing season. There is not much to report yet from the mountains of western Maine. We have an average snow pack and the lakes are frozen up pretty good. The weather in the next week looks like it will really start the melting process and advance us towards more fishing opportunities. The Magalloway below the route 16 bridge has fish as usual and some have been caught. The Rapid above pond in the river should also produce in this early season. The flow at the Mag. is 130 cfs which means clear and shallow water unless Abbott brook starts to thaw out. The flow in the Rapid is at 1800 cfs and should move some fish up the river. The water temps are only at 33-34 degrees so the fish are not willing to move far for a fly. Attractor nymphs and small midges fished on the bottom are a good place to start. Streamers can work if dead drifted with little motion.


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