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ducks in the magalloway river seen while maine fly fishing

Fishing Report August 24 2017

A new week and a new cool spell is ahead of us. After a warm weekend that left warm water temps I am looking forward to the forecast of cool nights. We are only a couple of weeks away from the fall fishing season. The brookies I saw today were already well colored with hooked jaws and stocky bodies. The rain from two days ago gave a slight charge to the flows. The Kennebago is at the summer low with but the next rise in the level could bring up some fresh trout out of the lake. The Magalloway is fishing well if you can figure out what they are taking.  For my sports, it has been the same as last week, small simple nymphs. Fresh salmon are coming up from the lake with the heavy rafting flows. I am starting to see lots of midges and trout are starting to get into their fall feeding patterns. All the pieces are in place for a great fall season so make plans to be part of it.


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