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magalloway river landlocked salmon

Fishing Report - July 27 2017

The area waters have recovered from last week's warmth. With a couple of cooler days this week and the forecasted  cool trend over the weekend I would expect the fishing to stay good. The Kennebago was only 62 degrees yesterday morning when we began fishing. The Magalloway has been fishing well with the water temps of 58-62 degrees. The hot fly for my sports this week on the Mag. has been the olive WD - 50 in a size 18. There are a lot of  BWO's around and also lots of tan caddis in size 16-18 both duns and nymphs. The small waters have a good supply of smaller brookies in them and water temps are below 60. Grasshoppers have begun to show up and can add to the fun in places that have them. Water levels are still at good levels like you would expect in June. The lakes are full so I would expect the tailwaters to stay at good levels through the summer. The fisherman has an opportunity this summer to fish deeper into the summer months than usual. This only happens maybe 1 out of 5 years so be sure to take advantage of it. The bugs have finally subsided in their "bugging".


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