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Fishing Report - July 20 2017

Posted on July 20 2017

stoneflies from a maine river

The dog days of summer are here. We have had 3 or 4 warm nights in a row and that has allowed the water temps to get above 70 degrees. The cold water now is at the Magalloway and the headwaters of rivers and streams. The headwaters received a good shot of rain on Monday afternoon which made the rivers high. The stoneflies were heavy on the Mag in the past week and the tan caddis are present in most places. The Hex mayflies are hatching with this warm and humid weather wherever they are usually found.  During these warmer days of summer the water temps can warm up as much as 10 degrees during the course of the day so make sure you get out early . I talked to a couple of lake fisherman today who told me they were seeing fish at 10 to 20 ft even with the hot temps. This means that although it is hot to us the layer of warm water on top of the lake is very thin. With the cooler nights forecast for next week we could see improved catching. Enjoy your time in the outdoors and yes, the bugs are still here to greet you.



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