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Free Shipping on most orders over $45.............. WELCOME TO OUR NEW WEBSITE
landlocked salmon from the kennebago in september from a maine fly shop

Fishing Report - September 28 2017

Another drastic change in the weather is the highlight of this report. Today was 30 + degrees cooler than yesterday. After a cold night tonight water temps should cool to a level more conducive to fish being active. We received a half inch of rain last night but it had no effect on the water levels. The Kennebago is up slightly due to releases from the dam. There are fish around they just are sluggish due to the warm weather that is now in the past.  Some of the effective flies have been red san juan worm, pheasant tail, brassie, and black zebra midge. Enjoy the last days of the season and the beautiful places that we experience when we fish.


The photo is of one of my sports with a beautiful male Salmon

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Howard Olsen - April 26, 2018

That Is a wonderful fishing trip. I am getting excited when I read your Blog. I read your all the fishing report and all the information you give here that are helpful for all the fishing lovers and also for the beginner. I think every fishing lover should know about all those information when they go for better fishing trip. Its a great work for a good fishing. Keep it up.

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