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Free Shipping on orders over $45.............. WELCOME TO OUR NEW WEBSITE
quite pond in magalloway country of western maine fly shop

Fishing Report - September 22 2017

Dry and warm is how to describe our current weather.  Water levels are low on the freestones and normal on the tailwaters. Our biggest enemy now is warm nights and bright days. Last night  was below 40 degrees and the water cooled down nicely. My best success this week has been with nymphs like Brassie, Zebra midge and Pheasant tail. There are still lots of bugs around due to the warm temps. Today I saw big caddis, BWO's, midges and a few other mayflies. There are places in the area where trout have come up  to spawn and have been trapped in pools by the now very low  water. You should leave these fish alone if you find such a situation or you could stress them to death. Looking ahead, the cloudy and damp weather predicted for next week should cool things down. Be ready to move around to avoid the crowds and remember if the catching is slow you are still in a pretty place.


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