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Fishing Report – August 13, 2013

August 13, 2013

The good weather is continuing here in the mountains of western Maine. What do I consider good? Cool nights and rain free days. With the forecast calling for more of the same all we need is a good shot of rain to raise the water levels. I fished the Magalloway yesterday with a sport and found the water temp at 66 degrees at mailbox pool. I took the temp of the water at steepbank this morning and it was 59 degrees. There comes a time in the fall when the Mag. is actually warmer than the Kennebago but that doesn’t usually happen till mid September, so you can see that this is a very different August then is typical. At the Mag. the tan caddis are still active on a day to day basis and the b.w.o.’s are around, especially in the upper section where the water is cooler. Small nymphs are still the way to have the most success on bigger trout and salmon. Small means size 18-20′s in patterns like barr emergers, wd-40,zebra midges. A flashback hares ear in size 18-20 is a great caddis emerger pattern. On the Kennebago, emergers are also the way to go, soft hackles, klinkhamers or even a small dry stripped under water. If you find some salmon in a pool they can’t resist a tan hornberg twitched across the current or in front of a rock where they are holding. I heard that the Rapid is seeing a drop in water temp so the trout could move back into the river and become more active. If you like putting in a canoe and fishing ponds they will become more active as the surface temps cool down, the end of summer can offer some great pond fishing. The Mag. is scheduled to be running high flows for the rafters this week-end between 10am and 3pm.
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